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Family Holiday Dramedy 


Two Families: One Jewish, One Chinese, One Restaurant on Christmas Day.


This dramedy feature will be produced using one camera shot for the entire 90-minute production in one location, a Chinese restaurant.

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Historical Drama Feature

Inspired by true events, an Austrian concentration camp survivor who has escaped the clutches of a sadistic Nazi commandant is trained as a U.S. Army O.S.S. interrogator only to be captured at the Battle of the Bulge by the same commandant who tortured him.
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Female-Driven Psychological Thriller Feature


An aggrieved government chemist faces a terrifying reality as her weapon of mass destruction is sold to a ruthless arms dealer, pushing her into a twisted mind game where she must fight to protect the deadly formula from falling into the wrong hands that will cause a global environmental catastrophe.

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Rom-com / Spoof Thriller Feature


When an all-talk-but-no-action environmentalist is forced to work for a fossil fuel conglomerate, he learns that the girl of his dreams he meets on the job may be running a global warming cover-up of a cataclysmic environmental disaster. 

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Action Thriller One Hour Pilot 


A disgraced CIA operative obsessed with tracking down his wife’s killer must retrieve the secret formula of a new chemical weapon from the tortured mind of its creator–a high functioning, heroin addicted chemist–before the weapon can be sold to international death merchants.

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Biopic Drama Feature 

As a free-spirited gardener charms his way into the lives of two elderly sisters, he challenges the art establishment when he tries to authenticate a priceless Mark Rothko painting, unable to rein in obsessive behavior that not only puts the sisters’ assets at risk, but also destroys his own sanity.

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