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After waking from a head injury, a hardened FBI interrogator must help stop an impending chemical attack while struggling with her own unreliable fractured memories, but discovering her ultimate truth may be the deadliest shock. 

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When a caretaker of two elderly aristocrats tries to authenticate a priceless Mark Rothko original painting, he must learn to tame obsessive behavior that threatens to destroy them and his own sanity as he challenges the art establishment. 

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When an all-talk-but-no-action environmentalist is forced to work for a fossil fuel conglomerate, he learns that the girl of his dreams he meets on the job may be running a global warming cover-up of a cataclysmic environmental disaster. 

A self-hating natural-born virtuoso pianist in 2063 is recruited by an group that follows the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche to further the growing popularity of Eugenics at the expense of hostile discrimination against his own kind, but he must choose which legacy to leave behind when he’s asked to carry out a presidential assassination that could alter the course of history.
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Two moms - one an emotionally distant and hyper-focused FBI agent, the other a bitter and ruthless foreign assassin – deal with the death a child in opposing ways that together pose an existential threat to the human race. 

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Family drama short film about a kid who chases fire trucks around his small town as a way to deal with a traumatic event.