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Female-Driven Psychological Thriller Feature


Blackmailed by a ruthless arms dealer to develop a weapon of mass destruction, an aggrieved chemist must choose between saving the essence of her own identity or humanity itself.

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Biopic War Drama Feature 

Inspired by true events, an Austrian concentration camp survivor who has escaped the clutches of a sadistic comandante is trained as a U.S. Army O.S.S. interrogator only to be captured at the Battle of the Bulge by the same comandante who tortured him.
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Biopic Drama Feature 

As a free-spirited gardener charms his way into the lives of two elderly sisters, he challenges the art establishment when he tries to authenticate a priceless Mark Rothko painting, unable to rein in obsessive behavior that not only puts the sisters’ assets at risk, but also destroys his own sanity.

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Action Comedy / Spoof Thriller Feature


When an all-talk-but-no-action environmentalist is forced to work for a fossil fuel conglomerate, he learns that the girl of his dreams he meets on the job may be running a global warming cover-up of a cataclysmic environmental disaster. 

Sci-fi Political Thriller Feature

A self-hating natural-born virtuoso pianist in 2063 is recruited by an group that follows the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche to further the growing popularity of Eugenics at the expense of hostile discrimination against his own kind, but he must choose which legacy to leave behind when he’s asked to carry out a presidential assassination that could alter the course of history.
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Action Thriller Feature


When a CIA operative falls for a brilliant heroin addict who created a cataclysmic weapon of mass destruction that's to be sold at an auction in New York City, he must choose between saving her life or completing his mission. 

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Dramatic Short Subject  


A small-town boy's penchant for chasing fire trucks as a reaction to family tragedy is aided by an unlikely source who helps him overcome his trauma.