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Having practiced as a lawyer in New York for more than 20 years in the entertainment and high technology space, I knew it was time to step back and write what I like to read about: gripping international thrillers that laser beam on relevant geopolitical issues of the day.

I’m originally from New Jersey, studied music in Virginia, and worked as a transactional lawyer in Manhattan. Now retired from the law, I picked up where I’d left off in college where I dabbled in journalism and screenwriting, but never made a career out of either.


What I realized was that I still had the wherewithal, gumption and youthful energy to go for it.


In 2013, I’d never thought I could write a coherent novel, yet I did it. Initially thinking, “how hard could it be to write a Game of Thrones-like novel with multiple POVs and retrofit it to an action thriller set in modern-day New York City?”, I quickly learned how hard it was as I pushed through to its eventual publication. I’m so glad I did, because that experience laid the foundation for the disciplined story and character development that I utilize when writing my  screenplays today.


The plan had always been to adapt my own novel to the screen. So in 2017, I set out to learn all I could about writing screenplays, and since then, I’ve penned four features in the action, psychological thriller, drama bio-pic and rom-com/action genres.


And I’m just warming up.


I’m drawn to stories that showcase a truth within a human dilemma where a a protagonist learns how to overcome an unfortunate character flaw. 


I live in suburban Washington, DC with my wife, Sharon, a federal employee, and our four children. 


Alan J. Field

Screenwriter & Author

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